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Comment : Re: RSD
Posted by valerie_b on Thu 3:56pm 28 June 2007

Bonnie, I'm so sorry that you got such awful news from the surgeon regarding the RSD.
I knew a lady who had that condition, but she didn't have all the problems that he told you about, so maybe he is just going through all the possibilities.
I would definitely go see a neurologist for a second opinion, as it may not be as bad as the OS thinks it is. In any event, I feel sorry that you had to deal with another setback and all the emotional distress
that it causes.
Keep me posted on what happens.
I had a bad week, I had to be removed from my home on Tuesday by ambulance due to a neighbor
polyurethaning the floors in the apartment near mine. I am asthmatic and cannot be around that stuff at all. In the past I've had to stay in hotels until my house was free of the fumes. The managing agent knew I wasn't able to get out and he let them do it anyway, so when I started wheezing, I had to call 911. I was taken to a local hospital, and they treated me for the asthma, but because I couldn't go home and I can't walk, I got send to a NURSING
HOME for two days, and it was a horror. I told them I needed to keep the leg elevated and I had to use a walker and a wheelchair, and they never got me a wheelchair. I needed a commode near the bed, but they wouldn't get me one until thier own doctor approved it, so I had to keep getting in and out of a bed that had bedrails lowered on it and all night I was banging my cast on it when I got out of bed.
The bathroom was filthy, mold growing on the walls and it stunk like the zoo, and I had no place where I could even wash my hands. I was trying to hang onto the walker just to get back to the bed safely, and the sink was on the other side of the room.
All night the elderly patients who had dementia were screaming and yelling and the poor elderly lady next to my bed was crying all night. She only spoke Italian and there was nobody that could understand her at all. I speak a little Italian as my Grandmother taught me when I was a child, and I took a few semesters in college. I had to tell them what she was trying to commuicate to them, and they thought it was very funny. I made a decision after this experience that if I ever got that infirm, I would shoot myself before I ever got placed in a facility like that. I would have more dignity.
I got home yesterday afternoon, and I had to fight with them to get released as they were looking to make money from my insurance co. to keep me they for a week or two. I signed out myself, and prayed my house was allright when I got home.
Thank God it was, and I've been sleeping ever since.
I was trying to report them to the board of health earlier, but the line for nursing home abuse was busy all day. I quess it's pretty bad in a lot of them, as all the helpless people have to rely on relatives or whoever to advocate for them. I want to report that the woman I was roomed with cannot even tell someone if she is ill, and she could die if nobody understands her.
Now I'm trying to forget the whole thing and get the swelling back down in my leg, as all the traveling and bouncing around in the ambulette yesterday really aggrevated the fracture. If I end up with a complication, I'm gonna sue the pants off the owners of my building.
Bonnie, I was surprised that the nails on your toes weren't growing from what he says is RSD, as I noticed mine aren't growing as fast as usual just with the fracture. Let me know about the neurology consult. I'll pray for you.

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 Thu 3:56pm 28 June 2007
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