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Comment : Re: Re: RSD
Posted by Bonnie on Fri 12:35pm 29 June 2007


I can't believe what you have been through. Nursing Homes are the worst! The hospital sugggested I go into one after being released because I live alone and I said "NO WAY" Even though it was extremely hard the first couple of weeks I managed all day by myself. My daughter and my friend, Jerry came over alot to help at night and to help warm up dinners, do laundry, and other tasks. My daughter was available to help with spongebaths and my grandson takes care of my yard on the weekends.

That nursing home experience sounds awful and I certainl hope you will be successful in reporting them to the Board of Health. I feel sorry for the other patients that have to live indefinitely.


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 Fri 12:35pm 29 June 2007
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