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Comment : Re: RSD
Posted by Michelle on Sat 6:25am 30 June 2007

Hi Bonnie,
So very sorry to hear about RSD. I have never heard of it before. My leg felt and looked like that too for awhile but it all eventually went away. I now just have to deal with all the scars,the aches,the pains and my leg is still swelling up everyday. Everyone thinks I should go back to the doc and see if this is normal. Although he did tell me that recovery could be a year or more. I still cannot bend my leg all the way and I definitely have not been able to put any weight on my knee (that is where the doc cut the largest opening to put the rod in).

I do hope you get another opinion. It just seems that each doctor has a different take on breaking a leg. Hope you are getting around better and are enjoying a little more freedom with your crutches. Here is my email address - shellz23@comcast.net Email me soon.

Take care

  • RSD - Bonnie Tue 26 Jun 2007
    • Re: RSD - Michelle Sat 30 Jun 2007

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 Sat 6:25am 30 June 2007
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