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Comment : Read your diary- Thank you.
Posted by Ginger on Fri 7:02am 13 July 2007

Thank you for your nice comments re my diary. I went and read yours and realized that I had already read it before I even started my own diary and found it very helpful then too. I could really relate to your comment about how your world seemed to revolve around the OS appointments-once my dr apologized for the long ride I had to take to get there and I responded- hey- it is my one outing a week which I actually look forward to. I also could really relate to your comment about family and friends being so important at this time in our life and how we need to nurture our relationships. My family definitely got me out of my depression and on the road to recovery.
I also have trouble with the color of my foot- when I take a sponge bath and it is down for a half an hour the purple color is terrible and I am wondering when this will stop- and the 2 ankle knuckle bones disappear because of the swelling- I wonder if I should be putting ice packs or heat pads on it when it swells- I have just never been one to ice things down.
I was reading Valerie's ordeal at the nursing home and then about her phlebitis- I too had that in my 30's after the birth of my 3rd son- I wore the stocking too and was on blood thinner. I now have the start of vericose veins on the BL but they are nothing compared to the vericose veins and spider webs on my good leg. I wonder now if I am having the veuous problem you are having. Do you have any vericose veins? Mine do not hurt at all they just look really bad so I have always just ignored them.
Keeep posting about your physical therapy because I too am worried about the pain it will cause and you said your pt started you out gently with good exercises. I want to do some in a pool- like the ymca.
Good luck Bonnie, Ginger

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 Fri 7:02am 13 July 2007
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