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Carin : Week 7.5 - new doctor
Diary entry posted Wed 12:51pm 26 August 2009

I'm now at 7.5 weeks. Yesterday I visited a new doctor up here in San Jose (seems to be more highly decorated, and specializes in more complex cases - also the one who took over my friend's nonunion case). I liked him, he spent a really long time with me (probably 45-60 minutes!) and was very informative about all of his concerns and possible options.


- he was pretty negative on the original surgery, in the way that doctors don't say it directly.

- The fibula (a fracture mid-shaft) - he agrees with the doctor in SoCal that it is misaligned, and a "low probability it will heal". He claims it's obvious even on the original XRAYs. He also said that the fracture is unlikely to heal because one of the pins is right in the middle of it! He also said the surgeon used a short plate - he should have used a longer one and put the pins on each end. But, he said it may not be a big deal even if the fibula does not heal, assuming the ankle joint itself heals correctly...

- he is concerned about the ankle joint itself, how everything was aligned in surgery (all of the bones and ligaments), and if it is set at an over-rotated angle. He says that if it is not aligned, the ankle will be unstable, and definitely will require another surgery to repair (and then if that's the case, he would go in and also re-do the fibula). He is sending me to get a CT scan (so he can see the joint in 3D), and will evaluate the options.

- Other than that, the tibia fracture (medial malleolar - the fracture at the ankle) is healing nicely, showing bone growth

- He has told me to start increasing weight bearing, and for now do my own exercises (flexing the foot, etc) to increase range of motion. He said, you might as well do this now, whether or not we go in the direction of a second surgery.

My head is swimming - all this comes down to, when I was in the ER, I did not pick my orthopedist surgeon, I got the guy on call, and am now dealing with the results. The prospect of starting over with a second surgery really upsets me. I just want all this to end, to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can heal. But for now it is a moot point until we get the CT scan (probably later this week or next week). I feel more confident with this new doctor, and that's what counts.

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 Wed 12:51pm 26 August 2009
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