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Carin : Weeks 8-9 - being a hermit, and second surgery
Diary entry posted Thu 6:03pm 3 September 2009

I need to figure out how to get out in the world more. I am so isolated, living alone with a BL for the past 8+ weeks. No one is really visiting me anymore and I am hesitant to ask. I need to figure out how to get out more and interact with people. Join a book club? Crutch to the nearby park and just sit there on a bench? On the rare occasions I drive myself to the doctor, it is such a highlight of my day - it's so pathetic.

New doctor (OS #3) sent me off for a CT Scan. This looks kinda like an MRI machine, but instead of enclosing your whole body, it looks like a big tall donut. This takes hundreds of XRAYs, all different angles and levels.

Good news:
- The angle of the ankle - turns out it is okay. Yay!

Neutral news:
- there is a tiny fracture of the third bone of the ankle (the posterior malleolar) - he says it is a non issue, so small it did not show up on the XRAYS. So I guess technically I am now a tri-mal? LOL

Bad news:
- That means we're back to the original question the doctors in Southern California raised: the fibula (the one with the plate) is misaligned. This is the one with a plate holding it together. He says it is even more clear on the CT scan that it is misaligned.
- He says low probability it will heal (because the bones aren't lining up, so no place for new bone cells to form between the two bones)
- He says if it does not heal, eventually the plate is likely to break, and the fibula will completely break. It will be painful
- Options:
(1) Do nothing now, wait approx. 6 weeks to see if the fibula is healing (his words "if you get lucky and it heals"). If not, do surgery (and extend my overall healing time)
(2) Do surgery now. He says impact/pain/healing is less than original fractures and surgery - instead of 8 weeks non weight bearing would be 4. Benefit is that fibula is healing at the same time the other parts are still healing

Surgery is in his building - it is an outpatient surgery facility. While he is in there, he would check on the synod screw, adjust or remove it as needed.

I decided to do surgery now. I figure I already have a cast/crutches for my other fractures, so might as well deal with this all at the same time. And my house is all set up for broken leg mode. And I want all this to end.

Got groceries delivered - weeeee! So easy to order on line, and they delivery guy carried everything up to the kitchen for me. So cool.

One last hurdle to master: doing laundry. Meaning, somehow getting the laundry down to the garage level (3 sets of stairs). That's my mission this weekend.

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 Thu 6:03pm 3 September 2009
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