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Carin : Weeks 10, 11, 12 - Second surgery
Diary entry posted Sun 1:45pm 27 September 2009

So at my 12th week, I had a second surgery to repair the non-aligned fibula (okay, let's call it what it is - a malunion). This was at an outpatient surgery center - they have like 8 operating rooms, and all they do is surgeries. The surgery was at 7:30am, and I was discharged by noon. They removed the old plate and pins, realigned the fibula, and put on a different plate and pins. They also removed the syndo screw (for the ligaments) while in there - so that was a nice bonus. They gave me the old plate and pins in a biggie - all cleaned up and sterile. It looks like the other random hardware you keep around in your garage.

Nausea this time with the surgery - I don't remember this with the original surgery 3 months ago. Maybe they used different stuff.

My sister flew down the night before, and took care of me and my dog all week. It was strange to be discharged that same day - it did not feel like I was ready to leave their care. But we managed it, and I got myself up all the stairs (on my butt), and into bed, and stayed there for the first two days. Alot of pain and wooziness, but definitely better than the original surgery. By the third day, was feeling a little better - enough to take a shower/bath and go downstairs. Today is the sixth day, the first day I am attempting without painkillers.

My sister left on day four, and the dog was sent off to the dogsitter (too hard to take care of her right now). I miss her greatly, but it's the right thing to do.

Now is four weeks of non weight bearing, which is a little wierd (I had been PWB prior to the second surgery). I'm back to elevating and ice. I just come downstairs in the morning and sit on the couch all day (working on my laptop or watching TV).

Even though this is a setback, for the first time I am feeling optimistic. I feel like there's an end in sight and feel like I know what to expect over the next 4 weeks of NWB, and what it means to start PWB. Horrible time for this to happen for work, though - planning for a big conference in two weeks.

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 Sun 1:45pm 27 September 2009
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