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Carmen : This is a start!
Diary entry posted Tue 10:13pm 10 February 2015

How I broke my leg is somewhat heroic.

Heroic in the fictional sense though.

I went for a 5km zombie run called 'Run For Your Lives'. Everyone is given 3 life tags and the objective of the whole run is to ensure you have at least 1 life tag left at the end of the run to obtain a survivor medal. And the most logical strategy is to run in a group when encountering a herd of zombies (a.k.a people with great zombie makeup). So of course, I ran with a group of other runners. Unfortunately, someone took the term 'Run for your lives' too seriously. He/she tripped and that set off a chain reaction of everyone else behind that person falling down as well. I couldn't stop fast enough to avoid the heap of people who have fallen down and I too fell. However, I was extremely unlucky because I was the only one to break my ankle while everyone else was up and runnin' after the fall.

Right after the fall, I witnessed something you will probably only witness in American Horror Story. My foot was twisted 90 degrees! That of course freaked me out so I twisted it back into place (I guess in retrospect, that kind of was a sign that I broke something in my ankle lol). And then the pain came in. It honestly didn't feel like pain from a broken bone, it felt more like the pain from a majorly sprained ankle. The medic team on site also thought it was a sprained ankle - told me to ice it and see a doctor. So okay, to me it was a sprained ankle.

My friend advised me to go to a Chinese doctor because it worked well for him the last time he sprained his ankle. So we went to the Chinese doctor, he put herbs on the swelling area and gave me some Chinese medicine to drink.

A little backstory... on that same day and the next day, I had a very important event to attend where I got to see and interact with my favourite Youtubers. I wouldn't miss it for the world. My Chinese doctor told me to stay home and avoid movement to the ankle. I, being stubborn and determined, told him vehemently that I MUST GO. So I went that night and the next day. I played bowling in a wheelchair with my favourite Youtubers, got to chat and take pictures with them. It was worth the pain.

3 days later, my ankle was not healing. It didn't feel like it was getting better and the swelling didn't go down. So my mom and I got to the nearest hospital and got some X-rays done. Turns out I broke my left fibula, tore ligaments and dislocated my talus. I was surprised of course because... HOW did a simple fall lead to such a massive injury? Doctor said it was also partly because I was heavy and my weight contributed to the impact.

Long story short, I had ORIF surgery to insert a plate and 6 screws (including 1 syndesmosis screw) and had ankle ligament reconstruction. 6 weeks of NWB and stuck in a splint. Got my syndesmosis screw out on the 7th week and the rest of the hardware stayed in.

Now, I'm on my 8th week post-surgery and doing PT. My ROM is very limited and leg muscles have atrophied a lot. As I'm writing this my leg is swollen, covered with red spots (petechiae) and is very itchy. I am generally very anxious and depressed about everything, so this break just added salt to the wound. I won't be able to run this year. Despite all the negativity, I decided to be more positive about this. I'm grateful I have friends and family who are supportive and offer help whenever it is needed. I'm grateful my break wasn't more serious and complicated. And lastly, I'm grateful for insurance (because everything costed a bomb and my family isn't rich). I'm going to be travelling in May, and that helped me set a goal I strive to achieve: to be able to walk, climb stairs and improve my ROM without crutches, comfortably by May. I understand improving my ROM and regaining certain ankle functions will definitely take a longer time but I think it's important to set a goal!

I have a long way ahead of me to regain strength in my left leg, but *sigh* this is a start! Having said that, thanks Paul for creating this website as it was such a welcoming place for emotional support. I gained a lot of information from other people's experiences and answers here. Hopefully my experience will be able to help others as well.

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 Tue 10:13pm 10 February 2015
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