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Carolyn_C : Sept 23rd - We were in the middle of an epic hike in the back country...
Diary entry posted Thu 7:06pm 19 October 2017

... when all of a sudden I slipped on a steep section, and my ankle rolled over heaving me into a depression in the trail. I heard a snap when I fell and felt pain in my right ankle. I tried to get up but I was too dizzy to move. I just lay there hoping it was only a little sprain and I would maybe be able to shake it off and continue. The others tried to help me by giving me their frozen drink bottles to use as an ice pack. I didn't want to spoil everyone's day so I encouraged everyone to continue on with the hike while one friend remained with me.

After about 45 minutes of trying and failing to get up, I managed to get to my feet. I had one hiking pole, and I surprised myself as I was able to bear weight on the injured foot. As long as I just bent the foot up and down (and not side to side) all seemed to work fine. We began to slowly make our way back along the trail - a total distance of about 3KM according to my friend. It was very slow going, and some sections were really hard (especially when I needed to walk on the rotten boardwalk and cross the swampy section), but finally we made it back to the kayaks.

Once everyone else was there, we got into the kayaks (mine is a solo) and began to paddle to the next destination on the trip. I stayed in my kayak for the remainder of the stops (we were geocaching) while the others hopped out and did the retrievals.

Finally, about 6 hours later we were back at the put-in. Getting out of the boat was a nightmare. I had to be hauled out by two male friends. After getting my bearings I slowly made my way up a 850m rutted, muddy trail in the dark, finally reaching my vehicle. I then drove out in the middle of the pack (alone in my car), powering the brake with my left foot, letting my right handle the gas. The first portion of the road was a very rough 4WD/AWD road so it was tough slogging, but finally we reached the paved portion. After stopping for dinner at McDonald's with the rest of the group, I drove home (another 2.5 hours), arriving at about 1AM.

The next day I limped into the ER and was surprised to learn that my ankle was not sprained at all but "had a crack in it" (not much information to be sure... but I was too surprised to ask any questions). I was placed in a backslab cast, handed a set of crutches and given a fracture clinic appointment at the end of the week. A shocking development to be sure!

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 Thu 7:06pm 19 October 2017
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