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Comment : Newly broken
Posted by Carri on Fri 1:40pm 5 March 2010

Hi, So I found this sight while looking up info on my broken leg of course. I read a few of the entries and thought it would be a good Idea to tell my own story and keep track of everything that is going on, or the lack there of.
I was skiing with my Dad and my cousin Brittany last week, It had been a few years, but when I was younger I skied quite a bit, (Im 38 now). We started off slow taking the smaller hills to warm up. We then graduated to the larger trails, on the 4th trip down, we took a wrong turn and ended up on a pretty step part of the mountain. I was feeling pretty confident, so I went first. The snow was really slushy, it was warm and starting to melt, I went to the edge where the snow was deeper to try and keep my speed down. I turned a little to slow down and lost my balance. I felt myself twist when I fell, and my knee hurt instantly. When Dad and Britt caught up to me I tried to stand, but no dice, it just hurt to much. I sat there and put snow on my knee until ski patrol showed up and gave me that wonderful tabogan ride to the first aid center. They were all very sweet, they took off my boot and gave me some ice and put me in a splint made of cardboard and duct tape. I made the 30 minuet ride home in the back of the car, then on to the ER. After an xray I was told I had a tibial plateau fx of my right leg. I then had a CT scan to r/o any soft tissue damage. The next day I went to see the os. We scheduled surgery for the next day. I have a plate and nine scews.
Today I am 1 week post op. I felt pretty bad in the hospital after surgery, Pain meds really didn't agree with me. Made me really sick to my stomache. I came home after spending one night in the hospital, with more pain meds that didn't agree with me, lucky for me the pain hasn't been too bad. After 4 days I stopped the meds altogeather. Every day I feel a little better (I took my first real shower today, that was amazing!!) I spend my days watching tv (uugg) reading and serfing the web. I hate being dependant on anyone for help, so I am trying to do as much for myself as I can. At first I couldn't even put my underwear on, that was a real pain. My husban is on his way to a medical supply place as I type to get me a wheel chair. I have got to get out of the house some how, I'm really gonna loose my mind if I don't.
I go back to the os in 2 weeks and hopfully will start pt after that visit. My goal is to be walking at 6wks, (I know I don't have much control in that department) But I have a job, and a husband and 2 daughters, 2 dogs and a house that REALLY needs cleaned. I just don't have time for this. I am trying to make the most of things, like spending quality time with my girls, really talking and playing games, but I still can't wait to be up and about.
My next goal is to look some homiopathic things to help in the healing process. I love the dietary tips on this sight, although it has been difficult to give up the diet coke and coffee, i have a bit of a caffine addiction, but I havn't had any in about a week.
I wish anyone who reads this all the best, with your own broken leg. And I will update soon.

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 Fri 1:40pm 5 March 2010
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