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Comment : Re: Re: Welcome
Posted by SadieMom on Mon 8:53pm 8 March 2010

I'm a couple months ahead of you. I was hit in the (left) leg by running dogs on 12/30. I didn't have any idea it was broken - just that I couldn't put any weight on it. I was diagnosed in urgent care that afternoon and able to see an orthopedic specialist 12/31 (Happy New Year??) and also get a CT scan. I saw a surgeon on 1/4 and had surgery on 1/5 - two nights in the hospital.

I live on my own with my dog in a single-story house but fortunately my mom is only four miles away so she came almost every day for a while. My dad handled the snow (I live in MN) and my brother put in a sturdy handrail for me to get up the three steps from the garage to the house. Sure takes a lot of help to get through a broken leg!

The wheelchair is an excellent idea if you want to get out at all. My mom was able to borrow one and it was so helpful. I was not very good on crutches while NWB so I relied on a walker for the most part. Once I was partial weight bearing I could handle the crutches. I didn't have any PT until seven weeks after my first OS checkup when the x-rays looked okay. I was encouraged to work on ROM while I was NWB though.

To be perfectly honest I haven't been great at the diet part. Diet Coke is still a staple for me!

Good for you focusing on spending time with your girls. How old are they? Maybe they can help with some cleaning? What kind of dogs do you have?

12/30/09 Tibial Plateau Fracture - put in immobilizer at urgent care
01/05/10 ORIF, 1 plate, 5 screws
01/18/10 Staples removed
02/22/10 OS visit - cleared for WBAT and began PT

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 Mon 8:53pm 8 March 2010
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