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Dan_F : Motorcycle T boned, broken femur
Diary entry posted Fri 7:28am 18 September 2009

On August 13th I was riding my motorcycle VTX 1800 to work when a Taurus came from a stop sign and T boned the right side of my motorcycle throwing me from my bike. It was really interesting how, in accident like that, that everything slows down. I remember thinking "I hope she looks this way so she will hit her brakes then she will miss me". (Can't believe I got beat up by a Ford Taurus) I also remember that I wish I would quit rolling. When I stopped rolling I was hoping my bike would not hit me. Then I opened my eyes and seen my left foot by my head. I knew this wasn't right. So I slowly moved my leg to where it was supposed to be and just laid there till the ambulance came.
Then the ambulance showed up and that is when the pain started. They had to straighten me up and then stretched my leg out. I started hollering, unreal pain. They also cut all my clothes off, right there in the middle of the road. Once they put me in the ambulance they gave me some morphine. After that the trip to the hospital was just fine. They operated on me that morning. Broke my upper femur / hip in 4 places. So now I have a couple of rods and screws and a few new scars.
This web sight has been a blessing. It lets me know if things are going normal. I have had my month doctor visit and so far everything is going well. Just 2 more long months to go. I keep myself busy by doing puzzles, internet, building puzzles and so on. Making goals and accomplishing them are what it is all about. Such as showering or bending my leg so much or stretching the muscles out. My wife has truly been great.
A month later I am down to 2 or 3 Loritab and only at night. The pain still bothers me at night time. A week or two ago I finally was able to sleep on my side and that was great. Being out of work has been real hard on us but we will make it. I being a diesel mechanic I need to be able to stand on my feet all day. It will probably be a while for that. Right now I get around the house with a walker and a wheel chair. I tried to do the crutch thing but I guess I am not that coordinated enough.
I am making this diary so that it might help others get through the day. The bike was totaled. she hit me on the right side and the only reason why I still have my right foot is because it was hanging out on my highway peg. The bumper hit the lower peg and that hit bent the frame and forks. I probably will never ride again. I wont go through this again because of a motorcycle.

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 Fri 7:28am 18 September 2009
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