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Comment : Re: Hi Danielle
Posted by Danielle2727 on Thu 9:57am 4 October 2012

Thanks Tammy... sorry that I am just seeing this now! I am in school full time going towards my Nurse Practitioner degree and I am so busy, I never have any free time! How is your ankle now? I am still in my boot and I do PT 2x week. I still have a lot of pain, but have managed to get out of the wheelchair and am using one crutch periodically. Most of the time I am able to walk without anything but my boot. This has by far been the WORST injury I have EVER done! I am planning on getting a second opinion from another OS as my foot still swells alot and it turns a beautiful purplish color from time to time. I thought that I would be much further along in the healing process by now, but everything seems so slow and my ankle is so tight!

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 Thu 9:57am 4 October 2012
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