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Dave_L : 3 and a half months without a shoe on my foot!
Diary entry posted Mon 10:27am 21 June 2004

Yup, one of my sneakers is grey, and the other is white (the one I've not worn) I've tried to put it on but my foot swells after a while hanging down, and I don't want to have to pry it off!

Thank god the room that I live in is on the ground floor. I have a bathroom and my tv and computer and guitar here. The only thing I'm missing is a fridge. Unfortunately the shower is up two flights of stairs, but taking a shower is such an event anyway.... first I throw the clean clothes I'll change into up one flight of stairs, then I follow it on my crutches. Repeat for the second flight, and then crutch my way to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, I'm able to put a large blue plastic cooler into the tub (I can't stand yet!) I transfer myself from the toilet to the tub, and then swing my legs in to the tub and transfer myself to the cooler. God I can't wait to stand in the shower again... Once on the cooler I can turn the water on and shower while sitting on the cooler..I have to make sure the towel is close, the soap is nearby and the shampoo isn't across the room...TOO MUCH PLANNING FOR ME! lol The whole process is like work!! After a shower, I'm ready for a nap.... and thats what I'm best at anyway....
I struggle in the morning cause I really want coffee, and most times I wheel myself out to my car and leave the wheelchair in the driveway (which of course is sloped!, making that a challenge too) and then I drive to burger king or dunkin donuts drive-thru for my coffee...it is easier than making a pot of coffee, going up a flight of stairs, hopping on one foot around the kitchen, trying to fill the pot, get milk, sugar and then trying to get a pot of coffee down the stairs.. it's easier to just go out!!!

Thankfully my left leg is broken so I can drive, and actually I'm very comfortable in my car, my leg just stays in the perfect position....getting in the car on the sloped drieveway is frustrating sometimes though!! I'm getting good at dragging my wheelchair and cruthes in and out of my car, although my back seat is getting all beat up from my chair!

My leg is healing slow, and finally the infection I had in the incision site is almost healed. Hopefully I'll be PWB in the next couple of weeks, and I'm scared about putting my foot down and breaking it again....well that won't be this week anyway!

If you are reading this with a broken leg too, good luck in your healing, gimpy or crip or cripple or ironsides or whatever your friends call you..LOL

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 Mon 10:27am 21 June 2004
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