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David2 : My life was put on hold....
Diary entry posted Sun 3:05pm 21 October 2007

My life was put on hold one Tuesday night. On Sept. 18, 2007 I was riding home from a night out and lost control of my motorcycle. Although I don't recall the accident, or the moments leading up to it, I'm told I probably hit a patch of gravel. The first thing I recall was waking up in a helicopter and hearing the engines revving up. The paramedics on the helicopter were busy working on me. Broken right tib/fib (rod) and left wrist (plate). They had to stitch up my mouth because the helmet I was wearing had sliced the inside of my lower lip open. Luckily I had been wearing the helmet. I am sure I would not be alive today, or I would be facing brain damage or horrible facial scars. Either way, the helicopter arrived in minutes to the hospital. I remember getting fed into an MRI machine to check my body out. "Just hold stil..." or "Hold your breathe" is about all I recall.

My surgery was supposed to be the next morning at 7am. I asked the nursing staff if they could call my mom and let her know I was going into surgery. That's not their job apparently. Told the lady I wasn't doing surgery until she was here. That was probably the first thing that didn't make the staff very happy with me. Someone had called my best friend and spoke with him and in addition tried my sister but did not get her on the phone.

I ended up calling my mom myself. I thought to myself that I didn't and wouldn't have called at all except that if there was by some chance a problem during surgery and I didn't survive, I didn't want her to not have a chance to say goodbye. My mom is not the type that can deal with stress very well. It's often easier just not to say anything to her about something rather than have to listen to the lectures forever.

By noon when my surgery actually happened, one of my sisters and my mom had arrived. They went with me to the pre-surgery room where the doctors talked to me more and they explained what would happen. Surgery was supposed to take 3 hours. It took 6 hours before I was put back in my room because complications with my blood pressure. I got a rod in my tibia and a plate in my wrist.

My roommate was a motorcycle accident person too. He wasn't wearing a helmet and he was brain-damaged. It was sad watching/listening to his family try to make the best of the situation and stimulate his mind. I learned he was normally a funny guy. He was trying his hand at humor as best he could.

I continued to tick off my hospital nurses. I removed the neck brace within 12-24 hours of them putting it on me. I told them I had determined for myself my neck was fine, it was hurting my neck, and I'd take my chances.

I ended up getting to know the nurses pretty well over the next 9 days. Some of them had very good personalities and were fun. Others were pretty serious. Overall, I have no complaints about the service at the hospital. Food was ok. The staff was much better than expected. A very good experience.

I did become concerned that the hospital was trying to dump me as quickly as possible and before it was time to get out (for my own good and the good of my leg). I had a conversation with the Trauma's director and he wasn't too nice. I did give him an honest assestment of how I felt they were engaging in patient dumping. He of course denied it. They discharged me the 27th of September. I took a fall while using my walker while working my way to the wheelchair so I could come home. More proof I wasn't ready to go. I hadn't even gotten used to the walker yet. PT was good but they obviously work under pressure too. They don't have many trauma beds and they were all full so I guess the patient has to go.

I have been home since the 27th - bed bound. I bought a brand-new bed & a new laptop so I could work in bed. So far so good. I have my t.v. and cable here too.

10/20/07 My ankle is getting less and less mobile. I don't have any ACE bandage on my leg anymore. Kept coming off. Getting more pain during the day in my foot/ankle. My little toe is numb and feels like it's doing its own thing. My finger is still numb on my left hand.

I have a doctor's appointment on 10/25/07 so I'm hoping to get some good news. Hopefully my leg is starting to get some action going.

My love of travel is put on hold. No trips to Central or South America. I had just gotten back from Ecuador a week before the accident and was planning to return around now. That's not happening. It will be a good 6-8 months before I can travel again from the looks of it. Eek.

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 Sun 3:05pm 21 October 2007
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