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MyBrokenLeg Diaries

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Started 3 Aug 2010. TIB plateau FX (2 surgeries with HW)
On Friday July 23, 2010 I underwent surgery to repair a compound fracture of my right leg...

Started 2 Sep 2010
As I was picking up my bike up another rider came flying through the corner and ran right into my left leg...

Started 21 Aug 2011
There was an adults bouncy castle...

Started 24 Jul 2002. TIB/FIB FX, right leg (surgery) (2nd broken leg)
Tried to stop doing a backward snow plow stop rather than fall on my sore tailbone again...

Started 6 Jan 2005
I then took off my sneakers - pushed my seat back and placed both of my feet on the dashboard...

Started 27 Apr 2005
Someone's bowling bag was sitting in the aisleway. Obviously I didn't see it...

Started 15 Dec 2009
I just wanted to go out to dinner, so I walked downtown in my brand new cowboy boots...

Started 1 Aug 2012
It all started with an iceskating trip. In the last 10 minutes of a 2 hour session...

Started 14 Apr 2011
I grew up in Georgia, a place where snow rarely falls...

Started 6 Jun 2003. FX Ankle (surgery with HW)
I was rollerbladding with my daughter...

Started 30 Jul 2012
I went hiking with my husband, three friends and two dogs...

Started 15 Jan 2004
The rug slid forward with my right foot on it and my left foot caught on the threshold of the patio door...

Started 2 May 2006
As someone who has never broken a bone or been involved in any other form of medical emergency, I was only dimly aware of what happened to those who got hurt on the ski slopes...

Started 17 Jul 2011
I was adjusting the position of a resident's wheelchair when I tripped over the mobile oxygen tank...

Started 17 Aug 2001. Major car accident (17 surgeries with HW)
I was hit head on by a drunk driver...

Started 2 Feb 2005
I was ready to go, lists and videos in my hand, wearing new sneakers and socks...

Started 20 Feb 2005
I broke my right leg/ankle by falling down a flight of exterior stairs at a friend's apartment...

Started 9 Jun 2009
I regain consciousness and find myself sitting on the pavement beside the car...

Started 17 Oct 2015
I was hit by a car as a pedestrian...

Started 10 Oct 2011
I didnít even bother to put the saddle or bridle on as this horse is usually very calm and slow...

Started 11 Jul 2013
I passed out on a bus...

Started 18 Apr 2009
April 4th, 2009 will be a date I'll will always remember for getting tangled in a soccer net and breaking my ankle...

Started 23 Mar 2003. TIB spiral FX, (surgery with HW)
I slipped on a patch of black ice on my way to work...

Started 7 Oct 2007
When I woke up I was on the wrong side of the road...

Started 4 Feb 2007
So, I'm on my vacation in Kauai, Hawaii, a little graduation present to myself for finishing nursing school...

Started 6 Dec 2009
The most beautiful pair of boots were 75% off due to the fact that the heel on the left foot was slightly broken. I did not hesitate...

Started 26 Feb 2004. TIB/FIB FX compound (surgery with HW)
As I was crossing the road, I was suddenly aware of a motorcycle travelling pretty fast, and headed right in my direction...

Started 21 Sep 2001. TIB FX (2/01 Rebroke TIB)
I started training for the NYC marathon last summer...

Started 24 Feb 2014
I was skiing with some friends at Sugar Bowl near Lake Tahoe, CA...

Started 18 Aug 2004
I broke my right lower fibula when I was dropping in on a half pipe skateboarding...

Started 21 Aug 2004
The second time (9 months later) - flipflops in wet grass on a small hill were my enemies...

Started 8 Feb 2006
I went across a rope bridge that was built by some of the students and had to slide down a firemans pole...

Started 6 Dec 2005
The last day we all decided it would be fun to end our adventure with the ultimate - an hour of wave runners and a tour of the island...

Started 4 Jul 2003. FEMUR FX (surgery with HW)
We will call the driver Ed to protect the guilty...

Started 17 Apr 2004
I canít say what happened. It just seems to have been one of those things; a momentary lapse of concentration, a quick loss of depth perception, whatever...

Started 29 Nov 2007
One morning in October, my husband and I went running at 4 a.m...

Started 18 Feb 2014
It was the first time I tried to skateboard and it didn't go well...

Started 5 Jan 2012
I broke my legs on October 18th...

Started 22 Dec 2003
We were being extra careful since the path was quite icy and slippery...

Started 16 Dec 2010. TIB FX (surgery with HW) external fixator
It was Sunday so i decided to go snow tubing with friends...

Started 8 Aug 2012
I was playing indoor soccer during a university holiday...

Started 22 Nov 2006
I was doing aerobatics and an engine sputtered ...

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