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MyBrokenLeg Diaries

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Started 26 Sep 2006
I was playing center in my weekly co-ed league...

Started 22 Jul 2006
Never put on a pair of flip-flops when you are stepping on a box...

Started 30 Apr 2003. TIB/FIB FX, (surgery with HW)
I was yelling and crying and swearing and watching myself yell and cry and swear...

Started 29 Nov 2010
I attended the Kelmscott Agricultural Show and had my beautiful British Giant rabbit in for judging...

Started 2 Apr 2005
I was at the Rink, attempting to do a recently learned Waltz Jump...

Started 22 Jul 2013
I was walking on rocky unleveled ground when I lost my balance and twisted my leg on the way down...

Started 17 May 2003. TIB FX, (no surgery)
I was playing tennis on an indoor court, and made one bad move...

Started 14 Jan 2009
I thought I just had a bad sprain and was on the couch for 3 days when I decided to go to the local ER and have it checked out...

Started 16 Oct 2011
I was playing 5-a-side football (soccer) with some friends...

Started 6 Feb 2008
This was my first time up the mountain in 5 or 6 years...

Started 22 Nov 2002
My body finally gave up in exhaustion and I fell asleep...

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Broken Leg Stories
This section is for stories about peoples' broken leg experiences. If you'd like to know whether your situation is not unique - have a look in here.
If you would like to keep your own "my broken leg diary" - send a request and Paul will explain how.
See also: Who's Who page for a full list of regulars, including their injury type.

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