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MyBrokenLeg Diaries

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Started 22 Jun 2016
It was Memorial Day and I was helping in the museum...

Started 14 Nov 2012
One morning I went out running with my 4 dogs at 5 am, it was dark...

Started 12 Jun 2002. TIB/FIB FX (2 surgeries with HW)
My left foot was still in the stirrup...

Started 24 Oct 2002. TIB FX
Let me start at the beginning...

Started 26 Apr 2009
I was in the garage trying to get some items off the shelf, when I missed a step with my hands full...

Started 30 Aug 2005
A wave knocked me down and as I was trying to get up another came and knocked me down again...

Started 27 Dec 2007
My leg break has been a very festive one, in that I broke it by falling off a ladder while I had been getting my Christmas decorations down from the attic...

Started 10 Jan 2006
With out going into the why's and wherefores of the break, what’s done is done and I have to get on with it...

Started 24 May 2004
I had ridden purely for recreation up until last year when I decided to give racing a try...

Started 10 Jul 2013
I had an argument with my extension ladder and lost...

Started 18 Jul 2004
I slipped on a wet gravel path at a bush camp in Dwellingup Western Australia ...

Started 6 Jun 2011
I was playing third base. Runner on second, hitter grounds out to short, ball thrown to first for the force out, runner tries to advance, ball comes to me...

Started 1 Apr 2011
My wife and I and our two 5 year old grandsons were in downtown Los Angeles doing some sightseeing...

Started 7 Aug 2006
I've been rollerblading some 6-7 years now...

Started 22 Jul 2002
The doctors said it was the worst break...

Started 8 Jan 2005
I fell down the "2" stairs leading from the lounge room to the kitchen...

Started 10 Jul 2006
"I am perfectly capable of helping you - why should you have to go by yourself?"...

Started 6 Aug 2009
My oldest daughter, 9 years old and I had been planning her first trail ride on horseback for weeks...

Started 26 Jun 2007
It was a wonderful swim even if the water was a little on the cool side...

Started 22 May 2005
Five months ago I slipped on ice...

Started 19 Jun 2003. TIB/FIB FX (surgery with HW) external fixator
I fell 3 steps off a ladder while rehabbing our living room...

Started 19 Dec 2005
I accidentally missed a step but my right foot broke my fall...

Started 8 Jan 2014
A few of us decided to go jump on some more trails...

Started 2 Aug 2003
I've been playing ice and roller hockey for about 5 years now...

Started 21 Jun 2007
I broke my hip completely through and it was stabilized with three titanium screws the day I did it...

Started 18 Feb 2004. TIB FX left leg (no surgery)
I was riding a little kids bike - a 50cc dirtbike...

Started 5 Jul 2002. TIB/FIB FX, head injury
Several people told me what happened next...

Started 7 Jul 2004
I pounced like a cat and smacked the ball to far center field...

Started 23 May 2006
On April 1 we loaded up the U-Haul and made our way to our new home...

Started 4 Dec 2004
Fell in moat in TX, walked a bit, did not sleep well...

Started 15 Jun 2009
I play on a women's hockey team...

Started 5 Jan 2004. FEMUR FX, left leg
I guess I wanted to be a "country gal" again. We drove to a nearby stable and boarding ranch where we began our adventure...

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Broken Leg Stories
This section is for stories about peoples' broken leg experiences. If you'd like to know whether your situation is not unique - have a look in here.
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