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MyBrokenLeg Diaries

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Started 19 Apr 2009
I decided to take my dog out one last time before retiring for the night...

Started 27 Jan 2006
The slip and fall came so fast that I didn't even have time to realize what was happening until I hit the ground...

Started 21 Jul 2003. TIB/FIB compound (surgery with HW)
I ventured out on my recumbent bike for a short 27 mile ride...

Started 25 Jan 2004
It began when i got into a car accident about 2 weeks ago...

Started 8 Jul 2012
I caught the end of my shoe on the next to last step and fell...

Started 6 Jan 2003. FX ankle with dislocation (surgery with HW) (2nd BL, TIB FX no surgery)
I was going on a first date with someone I met at a speed dating event the week prior...

Started 13 Feb 2007
I think I was more stunned than anything...

Started 12 Aug 2011
My interpretive dance parody was cut short when...

Started 6 Jan 2012
I broke my leg camping on an island...

Started 18 Apr 2007
I was walking out to my car in the driveway to grab my purse and slipped on the ice...

Started 19 Mar 2006
As I was walking back out of the gym to go feed my infant the floor board tipped forward...

Started 30 Jun 2003. TIB/FIB FX Foot FX (3 surgeries with HW)
Trampolining is a discipline of gymnastics which uses a 7 foot by 14 foot nylon trampoline to propel gymnasts up to 30 feet in the air...

Started 6 Sep 2006
While walking my dog, I slipped on wet grass...

Started 10 Dec 2003
I was hanging curtains and fell off a stool - and the best way i can describe my break...

Started 17 Dec 2003. TIB plateau FX (surgery with HW)
I went to Army Jumpmaster School to learn how to kick people out of aircraft...

Started 5 Sep 2007
I was playing my first soccer game after five years...

Started 6 Sep 2011
A friend and I took our horses to a cross country course...

Started 14 Apr 2016
I broke my R Tibia in 3 places while skiing in France...

Started 30 Oct 2005
I had one more lamppost to fix...

Started 9 Feb 2004
I had an accident skiing...

Started 23 May 2012
It was at friend's birthday. He invited a bunch of us to go out to play some soccer...

Started 14 Aug 2004
I decided to take a short cut home. This involved climbing through gardens and over large fences...

Started 21 Feb 2006
Powder. Powder. And more powder. Knee deep. Waist deep. Go fast and you have to hold your breath between turns...

Started 18 May 2005
My first thought was "what is he doing?"...

Started 3 Dec 2007
I wandered up the steep garden path to see the woods at the top of the garden...

Started 11 Jul 2013
I broke my ankle just walking...

Started 7 Mar 2008
I broke my lower tibula in 2 places and knocked the tip of my lower fibula completely off...

Started 10 Feb 2008
New Years Day - the weather was mild, the snow was melting, the dogs came in wet...

Started 15 Sep 2010
I was playing a late night game if ice hockey...

Started 10 Aug 2011
I had just purchased a brand new 2012 Hyundai Elantra with all the bells and whistles...

Started 31 Aug 2011
Watching all those babies playing in the water made me decide to be the Cool Grandma and go try boogie boarding...

Started 20 Feb 2007
It was cold in Utah and there was a crust of ice coating the slopes...

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Broken Leg Stories
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