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MyBrokenLeg Diaries

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Started 23 Mar 2006
I crossed the street on a zebra crossing...

Started 27 Jan 2003. left leg
He lost his balance and pulled me down the stairs in an attempt to avoid his fall...

Started 24 Jun 2005. TIB FX
It had been raining all day and the ramp going out of the tool shed is steep...

Started 24 Aug 2011
My son was standing by the edge of the pool...

Started 18 May 2011
I fell down our stairs and broke my right leg...

Started 4 Oct 2010
I decided to play a sport my last fall semester. Rugby looked like a lot of fun...

Started 8 Jan 2006
I needed to take my mini Schnauzer, Conrad, out for a walk...

Started 4 Feb 2010. TIB/FIB FX (surgery with HW)
I usually just tell people I fell while ice skating, but, in fact...

Started 23 Mar 2006
I had just told my sister "You're gonna have a hard time getting me off the mountain today"...

Started 10 Nov 2002. TIB/FIB compound, right leg
My adreneline must have been pumping because I didn't feel the break...

Started 3 Feb 2008
I broke my leg just over 18 months ago in a motor accident...

Started 5 Jul 2011
Day 2 into our vacation...

Started 12 Oct 2003. TIB FX
I suggested that the 6 of us go outside, in the rain, at night, to play...

Started 13 Aug 2004
I turned to retrieve a shot and my foot forgot to turn with my body...

Started 6 Mar 2002. FX (amputated part pf leg)
I was planning on selling my '91 Harley springer softail...

Started 3 Sep 2005
The cattle had been on the ranch for a few weeks...

Started 25 Mar 2005
With about 20mins to the end of the game I came on as a substitute...

Started 19 Oct 2005
This was it, the big league game against our local rivals...

Started 17 Mar 2008
I was skating with my daughter having fun in our neighborhood skating rink...

Started 5 Mar 2006
How many times have we all carried something downstairs without a thought...

Started 27 May 2012
I had been nailing a nice 360 off a jump perfectly and was heading home when I came across a road which had a sideways angle on it and I thought one last 360...

Started 19 Jul 2006
They have a concrete walkway that has been stamped to look like regular stones. I was thinking that it would be pretty slip resistant due to the texture...

Started 11 Dec 2003
For some reason I always thought of skydiving as a win big or lose big activity...

Started 10 Sep 2010
So we were climbing a tree in my yard and I have never climbed a tree in my life...

Started 5 Feb 2005
Tthe night before our celebration I decided to take my niece on a hay ride...

Started 22 Apr 2013
I was driving my kids home from school...

Started 20 May 2005
My boyfriend being the wonderful man he is, tried to catch me...

Started 12 May 2013
It was a cold, overcast Sunday (that's normal here in the UK), when I suggested to a good friend of mine to go into Robin Wood...

Started 27 Dec 2007
I hopped on my bike and freerode around my place - about 45 minutes of bunny hops, formula stops, endos, wheelies, and all around general mischief...

Started 15 May 2011
Broke my ankle climbing/falling...

Started 24 Sep 2009
I am a narcotics detective and was chasing a suspect wanted for a shooting. He went over a 8 foot cement wall and I followed...

Started 18 Feb 2004. TIB/FIB compound (surgery with HW)
While I was playing my usual basketball game at the Rec Center...

Started 9 Aug 2009
I was playing defense against a much better skating team...

Started 19 Jun 2003. TIB (surgery with HW)
I broke my leg 10th of March 2003 skiing in the French Alps...

Started 10 Feb 2011
We went ice skating...

Started 21 Jun 2005
In college a coach recognized my speed and made me a forward...

Started 25 Jun 2009
I was walking to my car via a stone pathway next to the fence...

Started 17 Sep 2009
My husband and I decided it would be fun to learn how to paraglide...

Started 2 May 2006
I laced up my inline skates and set off down the driveway with protective gear from tip to toe...

Started 31 Dec 2006
Took off with a wonderful group of motorcycle enthusiasts for a glorious weekend away in Reno, NV. for the annual "Street Vibrations" Rally...

Started 25 Feb 2003. FEMUR FX, (surgery)
I skied once in college on a mole hill near Colombus, OH, and was scared out of my mind...

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Broken Leg Stories
This section is for stories about peoples' broken leg experiences. If you'd like to know whether your situation is not unique - have a look in here.
If you would like to keep your own "my broken leg diary" - send a request and Paul will explain how.
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