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MyBrokenLeg Diaries

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Started 27 Nov 2007
I broke my right tibia and fibula in a motorcycle wreck...

Started 5 Jan 2004. TIB plateau FX (surgery with HW)
It was a beautiful Saturday evening in September and my husband and I were painting the trim on our house...

Started 20 Jan 2003. TIB/FIB FX
I did not initially think that I had done myself any harm...

Started 30 Apr 2007
My morale is up but...

Started 21 Jun 2007
I was taking my dog for her usual evening walk...

Started 27 Feb 2003. TIB/FIB FX, left leg
Going into a simple turn, fell forward and bindings didn't release...

Started 21 Feb 2004
Well this report from the Associated Press sums up my broken leg experience pretty well...

Started 28 Nov 2005
Me and my friend were returning home from a party...

Started 19 Jul 2006
I stepped off the porch and slipped on a rock...

Started 26 Feb 2011
I broke my left tibia during a vacation at Dominican. I battled 2 beach chairs and they won...

Started 18 Dec 2006
I was like, no - don't think so. I wish I'd stuck to my guns on that...

Started 28 Dec 2009
We got about 3" of beautiful snow, which I wanted to take a picture of...

Started 6 Jan 2003. TIB/FIB FX, torn ligaments
Halfway down the hill we hit ice, in fact the entire hill was a sheet of ice...

Started 5 Sep 2006
I had gone to see my sister in a horse show, exhibating her pride and joy, but my nemisis...

Started 30 Jan 2012
I went to pick up little bro from a skatepark & ran down a skate ramp...

Started 29 Feb 2004
I was itching to get outside and breathe in the cold Brooklyn air...

Started 19 Mar 2009
I have played soccer on and off for years...

Started 12 May 2005
It has been three months since I broke my leg...

Started 21 Jun 2011
I have spent a lot of time on my bikes...

Started 9 Jun 2010
We went paint-balling...

Started 29 Sep 2011
I broke my ankle in four places during Hurricane Irene...

Started 7 Nov 2006
I got out, took a few steps, and my left leg went through some of the decayed wood in the dock...

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Broken Leg Stories
This section is for stories about peoples' broken leg experiences. If you'd like to know whether your situation is not unique - have a look in here.
If you would like to keep your own "my broken leg diary" - send a request and Paul will explain how.
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