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MyBrokenLeg Diaries

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Started 6 Jun 2009
I finally tuned my 82 Sachs Eagle 3 to getting maximum speed...

Started 29 Feb 2004. TIB/FIB FX (surgery with HW)
Going for a 80 foot step-up jump on my dirtbike...

Started 21 Dec 2008
It was my last day of school...

Started 30 Nov 2014
I was driving extra carefully and slowly when the truck doesn't go where I steer it...

Started 17 Mar 2005
Broke my tibia after falling on ice in Germany ...

Started 5 Nov 2006
The police arrive first ahead of the paramedics and close off the intersection...

Started 5 Jan 2006
I was riding my scooter around the neighborhood...

Started 2 Apr 2005
I was snowboarding on Christmas Eve 2004 and having such a wonderful day...

Started 8 May 2009
Although I had only completed 3 hours skiing I was feeling relaxed and happy...

Started 13 Nov 2006
Broke my tib and fib wakeboarding...

Started 6 Oct 2003. TIB/FIB FX compund (surgery with HW)
Can't go into too much detail about the accident...

Started 25 May 2005
I had a major car accident...

Started 14 Apr 2014
I broke my right foot last Saturday night...

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Broken Leg Stories
This section is for stories about peoples' broken leg experiences. If you'd like to know whether your situation is not unique - have a look in here.
If you would like to keep your own "my broken leg diary" - send a request and Paul will explain how.
See also: Who's Who page for a full list of regulars, including their injury type.

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