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MyBrokenLeg Diaries

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Started 7 Jan 2010
My story begins on new years eve 2009...

Started 13 Dec 2005
I decided to climb a tree across the street to hide. As I was climbing I grabbed a branch above my head and swung on it...

Started 5 Mar 2006
Me being not so sober - decided to jump on the hood while the car was idled. My friend behind the wheel thought it would be funny to hit the gas and then then slam on the brake...

Started 20 Feb 2007
I was babysitting my sister, and my foot fell asleep...

Started 3 Jun 2007
A friend's dog sucker punched me in the back of the knees...

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Broken Leg Stories
This section is for stories about peoples' broken leg experiences. If you'd like to know whether your situation is not unique - have a look in here.
If you would like to keep your own "my broken leg diary" - send a request and Paul will explain how.
See also: Who's Who page for a full list of regulars, including their injury type.

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