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Emily_V : 17 week update
Diary entry posted Thu 7:10am 3 January 2019

At this point, there are hints to an end in sight. On Dec 4th I was given permission to work towards 100% weight bearing in order to encourage bone growth. They have finally decided against removing a screw (for now, anyway) so that feels like a weight off. Really wasn't looking forward to yet another surgery. I am still having a decent amount of difficulty with foot rehab- specifically the big toe droops like it's given up for good- which is related to nerve damage which may or may not be a problem that requires intervention to fix. However, this doesn't pose a huge problem to my daily hobbling about the house. I am still using crutches to go outside, not only for the balance, but also as a marker to others that I am not at 100% operating capacity. My weakened stabilizer muscles around the knee mean dislocation is a big risk, so I am focusing heavily on rehabing those muscles. My knee tends to slip too much to various sides, painful and scary whenever it happens. Overall the knee is emerging to be the biggest problem- mobility is limited, and inflammation is high. It's not entirely surprising considering a metal rod was nailed through the joint, but still a bummer. As a result of increased pressure on the break site, my leg swells more and is hard and lumpy. My ankle and foot are also still swelling, and the entire leg is still a much darker and redder color than my usual skin tone.
It is liberating to be able to carry my own glass of water. I am constantly appreciating the once-minor chores I can now do alone. Going to the bathroom at night without having to balance sleepily on crutches is revolutionary.
More and more, I am appreciating the unusual sides of this injury and how it has added depth and a new perspective to my life. To be patient with setbacks, and to be understanding and empathetic to other slow walkers, people who used to frustrate me so much, who I can now remind myself may also be walking on a broken leg with a metal rod and a few nails holding everything together.
Trauma wise, things are still much improved, but I am very aware that my life/perspective will probably never return to how it was before I was hit by a car. I think this is something of value, however.
Next appointment is Jan 20th.

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 Thu 7:10am 3 January 2019
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