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Emily_V : Month 7
Diary entry posted Wed 9:39am 24 April 2019

So here I am, April, more than 7 months post fractures.
I am doing well over all and as a result don't have a ton of material. I ditched my crutches almost completely, and am getting much more confident at walking. While I am still very slow, my gait is starting to look normal and the limp is gone, so now where ever I walk I appear to be super relaxed and cool, strolling along. Inside I'm still quite nervous outdoors, around cars. Stupid cars! I'm all for less cars.
I recently experienced an flare up and my leg was pretty seriously swollen and not reducing overnight. I'm chalking that up to my much increased activity, and as a result I'm taking one easy week to focus on elevation and my physical therapy mobility/stretching exercises, as the swelling temporarily reduced my ankle mobility a bit.
I'm focusing on the goal of hiking in July- it still feels like a stretch goal, but I'm hopeful over the next few months my strength and confidence will click into place.
I've been able to go out and meet friends alone over the past month, which has worked wonders on feeling like me. Not being dependent on my bf to walk with me places or run errands for me has really helped me feel positive and excited about my life again.
Spring has been so helpful for me- I want to be outside, and I'm getting as much sun as I can to get that healing vitamin D (crucial for bone growth!)
Wishing anyone reading this all the healing possible.

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 Wed 9:39am 24 April 2019
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