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Comment : You are not alone
Posted by Geri on Sun 11:20am 23 December 2018

Hi Emily,
Thanks for sharing your experience- it helped me a lot! I got my tibia and fibula broken in a silly fall while playing with my kid in the park. Luckily my husband was nearby and we immediately rushed to the ER.
My wound wasn't open so I was kept in the hospital for a couple of days (the accident happened in the weekend so we had to wait for the work days so the screws and plates would be ordered and delivered). I spent 13 days in the hospital and my going home was very emotional. I desperately wanted to go back home and once in the comfort of my home I felt panicked because there were no more nurses or doctors around. The first week and so were fine, I rested, was occupied with taking pills at certain times and this kind of kept me busy.
At the end of the second week I had a severe panic attack. I hadn't had any before that so I felt really stressed- just like you said I felt like I was dieing. I was trying to think about my husband and child but couldn't focus- really scary! After an urgent visit to the hospital it appeared I was clinically well. I couldn't believe my blood pressure was normal when I felt like my heart was going to explode. I was sent home with some sedatives and the advice to relax and think less (ha ha)
Just like you I learned to recognize when I'm getting more emotional and I keep myself composed and try to avoid the breakdowns.
I'm in week 5 after the injury so having an x-ray next week. I'm so happy I found this website (researching the fracture depression) and reading your diary calmed me down a lot. At least I know I'm not going crazy and this happened to other people as well.
Wishing you all the best!

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 Sun 11:20am 23 December 2018
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