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Comment : What a story...
Posted by Nicola_stan on Thu 9:45am 24 January 2019

Hi Eric,

Wow, what a story, reading your diary was like reading a chapter of a book I could have written myself - not from the accident - but from the recovery! I never know whether to say, either congratulations on your recovery so far or I hope you continue to recover or both.

I too broke my tibia and fibia in the summer and have had an up and down recovery. I'm on the up currently and going through PT and strengthening exercises which have helped enormously these past few weeks - I feel like I'm on the road to recovery and can see mountains / biking / canoeing in the distance.

The nurse at the beginning of my stay in hospital made a joke that I would not be wearing heels for a long time, I just cried as I could not imagine wearing fins anymore!! I can now and have worn my walking boots and it felt great.

Breaking my leg has certainly made me feel a little different, I will be more cautious definately and not feel so 'concrete' in my ability.

I will return to work hopefully in the next few weeks, this will be another milestone for me.

Anyway, good luck and all the best with your recovery!


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 Thu 9:45am 24 January 2019
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