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Ernest_F : Part 7: short plaster
Diary entry posted Sun 9:14am 16 March 2014

finally the day of cast change arrived (yesterday)! i decided to deal with it avoiding a sedation, they gave me only some painkillers. i was confident it wouldn't be a problem since i was painfree in the long plaster.
i was taken in the plaster room, cast was cut and they tied my leg to a traction support and cleaned it with alcool. some students of the nurse's course assisted, it was quite funny.

i noticed that they put much, much less cotton padding compared with fiber casts. maybe this is the reason why plasters are more stable? i think it's because more bandages are needed to have a cast strong enough, so they have to reduce the padding.
then they started applying the plaster bandages, a nurse constantly hold my foot while the cast man made the cast. that was when my ankle started to hurt badly, at every roll of cast he tightly moulded it on my leg. it was excruciating and my foot was in agony.... it was terrible because it seemed endless, i think they put 10-12 bandages! now i understand why the cast is so heavy.
it was also a very bad surprise to me. the castman tryied to reassure "it's normal to be in pain during plastering with a bad fracture". i simply wasn't prepared to it.
but i recived some good news, i'll start wb on the cast next week. so i'm happy with the result.

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 Sun 9:14am 16 March 2014
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