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Ernest_F : Part 9: one month in the cam walker
Diary entry posted Wed 5:53am 4 June 2014

this last month i spent in the cam walker has been the worst since the injury.

my ankle looked like it was 4 days after fracture, instead of 4 months. the first time i removed the walker to have a proper bath the foot was killing me with pain.
but i was happy to notice that the foot looked like it was connected with the rest of the leg, the unstability feeling that made me sick after the fracture was gone.
the firts day of pt was both good and bad news, infact i was told i could expect a full recovery. but i could only start moving the toes because no movement was possible.

in the following weeks pain subsided a bit and i could start to put some weight on the foot and move the ankle a little.
in the next days i'll try fwb, so i should be happy i can finally walk properly. but the rom is still very limited and i'm so scared about strenght of the joint...

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 Wed 5:53am 4 June 2014
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