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Ernest_F : big delusion from the visit
Diary entry posted Thu 1:47am 5 November 2015

with the long plaster splint my leg was quite ok, ankle too swollen but pains very bearable. i convinced myself the break really was modest. so called my OS to try book a visit, i was happy to hear that the strategy was to go cam walker asap.

but later recived some bad signs, bad weather caused a delay in routine visits so mine was postponed. i was also referred to the ortho specialist of the hosp, and sounded a bit worrying.
day before the visit a crutch slipped and i put leg down. it hurt bad, so i started to have bad feelings.

3rd of nov. i'm back to the hospital, the specialist explains my bones are very very weak and absolutely impossible to put weight on the leg. also explains that probably osteoporosis reached a maximum level and immobilization won't make big difference.
a surgery is out of question because bones are aligned and the weakness would cause more complications. also osteoporosis makes x-ray to be hard to read.
he is happy i prefer the long cast at this stage and this is what i'm going for.

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 Thu 1:47am 5 November 2015
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