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Comment : Part 2: to the hospital
Posted by Ernest_F on Wed 8:12am 26 February 2014

i rested on the sofa with ice and leg elevated, and took time to think what to do. my parents suggested to call my doctor, he allready saw my 2nd and 3rd fracture and is an ankle specialist.
this time the pain was too unbearable, at the smallest movement i could feel bones moving in the foot. the neighbor explained that even if the dislocation was reduced it would have been better to have an x-ray immediately.
so out we went to the er, i have a good experience with crutches but this time i noticed that even with the rudimental immobilization, at every step i could feel the foot "disconnected" from the leg. that never happened before.
the ride to hospital was very painful and by the time i arrived the ankle was in complete agony again.
it was an ortho clinic so, luckly, the waiting wasn't too long. i was given painkillers and put on a crib. a nurse reinforced the immobilization with a plastic splint and more bandages, then cut the shoe, that allowed the foot to swell up and the pain decreased.
few minutes later i was transferred to the x-ray room where they took some pics, for me it was a huge relief. in my previous experiences they x-rayed barefoot. so i was happy that they left the splint!

i was immediately taken to the doctor's office where they told me i broke the malleolis and a bone in the foot, and needed to wait a second opinion the next day to decide about an eventueal surgery. they put a plaster sheet on the crib, laid my leg over it and cut off the old bandages. then they closed everything with other plaster bandages. this process was painful but not unbearable, the foot was a bit more stable but i could still feel the bones moving inside. the plaster was cut on the sides and then the 2 sections closed with soft bandages. that way it could adjust on the swelling.

at this point i was a bit more relaxed and pains decreased. i wasn't too worried by the surgery, i understood that the fracture were quite aligned. so i was a bit less worried about the severity of the break. i started worrying about bones strength.

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 Wed 8:12am 26 February 2014
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