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Ernest_F : Part 6: living with the full plaster
Diary entry posted Wed 4:30pm 12 March 2014

i regain lucidity once the painkillers start loosing effect. my leg feels dump and crushed, yes my entire leg! i look down and see the plaster going up to the groin. it's a bad surprise, i'm stunned, and my poor ankle is in real agony. the nurse enters in the room and explains that pain is normal because they had to manipulate my breaks and put everything in position. and also asks: "let's try to move the toes slowly", as i try the pain increases but, apparently that's normal too. luckly i can remain on the stretcher waiting untill the pain subsides a bit.
i start to relax and i notice that the cast has a support that extends under the toes creating a sort of "platform", this is clever to avoid a broken toe! then the pain progressively reduces and i can go home. i'm instructed to never put the cast down and place the pillows under the calf untill the plaster dries complitely.

back home i must learn to operate the wheelchair with the long cast, with the previous splint i hit my poor foot into every wall so now i'm extra carefull. the "NOT-TOUCH THE-GROUND" rule is a challenge. and also a novelty, with my old fractures i used to put the cast down.
day 2 into the long plaster and pain is nearly all gone, it only hurts bad when i try move the toes. subsequent days the plaster dries, i get used to the feeling of this cast. it isn't too loose as it seemed at beginning, the leg is immobilized in a way i never experienced with my old fibers or splints.
finally since the day of my fracture i start feeling more positive about the injury.

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 Wed 4:30pm 12 March 2014
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