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Ethan : A Brief Summary
Diary entry posted Mon 10:42pm 11 December 2017

Hi everyone! Iíve found this site to be an excellent resource for emotional support during such a significant interruption of my lifestyle.

On November 21, as I was turning onto a wooden road in the rain, my bike quickly fell over. I fall to the ground and feel some pain in my leg, but in the first couple of seconds, I wasnít sure if it was a simple pain after a fall or something more serious. I look down and see my ankle slightly askew from my leg, and all I felt was annoyance that I have to deal with this now. As I lay in the street on my side in the pooling water, my friend, who fell after me and didnít have a scratch, called EMS.

As carefully as possible, I get myself onto the stretcher and am loaded into the ambulance. The EMTs take off my shoe and cut off my sock, revealing an approximately 20 degree twist of my right ankle, away from the left leg. As well, my medial malleolus looks bent in the wrong direction. The EMTs apply a splint and off we go to the emergency department.

As I arrive, my nurse gives me an ibuprofen pill for the pain, and Iím thinking to myself, ďHave you seen my foot?Ē After multiple X-rays, itís revealed that I dislocated my right ankle, broke the medial and posterior malleoli of my right tibia, and broke my right fibula above the syndesmosis joint where the bones of the leg meet the ankle (Weber C).

The next day, I go in for surgery. The first few days were exhausting, and progress was slow. After two weeks, my splint from surgery was removed and I see both the swelling and the wounds from surgery - very intense! Iím assigned an aircast and non-weight bearing for 7-10 more weeks. Progress goes well, and I decide in a few days that it would be best for me to postpone my study abroad for next semester and go in the Fall of 2018. Itís disheartening, but certainly the right move.

Every day has its challenges, but the trend from here is up, and improvement continues constantly. Iím very appreciative of my family and support network. I am home for a few weeks, and canít wait to put weight down. Iíve already forgotten what walking fully feels like. I appreciate everyoneís support, and would be very interested to learn about the recovery from anyone else who had a similar injury. Thank you all!

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 Mon 10:42pm 11 December 2017
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