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Swelling: Fibula fracture

It varies according to the severity of the soft tissue injury. I tell my patients that their ankle will still be swollen with activity for many months. After surgery on my own fibula my ankle was swollen for nearly a year whenever I did any exercise. If swelling is painless or at most, slightly uncomfortable, it is rarely necessary to worry about it. I recommend (and used) compression stockings for symptom relief. If late swelling is painful or if it hasn't been swelling then starts up, you should report to your doctor.
From: maureen

How long after a fibula fracture can I expect swelling and pain? after a long day on my feet?? (3 months? 6 months, etc.) after a normal day? (3 months, 6 months, etc)

From: dee

how can you stop pains?

From: summer

how many spots can it be in. when i brooke my arm it had lots of pain but it felt like a tingle!is that normale?

From: leanne

I broke my fibula and dislocated my ankle March 31, 2002. I had problems with swelling and tried a compression stocking...knee high. I was AMAZED at the difference! Not only is the swelling less, the pains and itching are less. I recommend trying it!

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 26 May 2020
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