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Fiona : scared!
Diary entry posted Wed 7:24am 24 November 2010

Hi all, bit upset at the moment!
The doctor told me i could take my cam walker of for the shower and when i go to bed....
i have a break to the fibula an inch or two about the left ankle. I don't know what type of fracture it is but its all the way through and stayed perfectly assigned so i guess as far as a break goes it was perfect!
Im too scared to sleep with it off in case i need to go to the toilet in a hurry during the night or morning... also in case it gets kicked by hubby (quite often happens) or by our four year old who gets into our bed in the night .... i guess i feel like its to vulnerable to be doing this ..... at my 5 week x ray it showed some improvement but not much... still completely apart!
Is this normal?

I'm also upset at the moment because i have been doing some partial weight bearing but heavily rely on the walker to take my weight. scared to have to do full weight bearing! i feel like that is never going to be possible!

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 Wed 7:24am 24 November 2010
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