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Comment : I know what you mean
Posted by shannon_R on Mon 8:37pm 29 November 2010

Hi Fiona,
I know what you mean. I broke my leg on 10/11, the tibia and fibula a few inches above the right ankle. I was in a full cast for 4 weeks, and a half cast still. Hoping to move into the boot next week.... and yet as much as I want to move into it I know the work and pain of learning to walk again is going to be tough. Have you started any PT yet? I'm assuming that will help with learning how much weight to tolerate and how to build back up to FWB. I'm also worried about little ones banging around by my leg. They've hit the cast a few times with a variety of things, but it doesn't hurt now, but once there isn't a cast I'm sure it will be a different story.
On one of your other posts you mention your ankle hurting. I'm wondering if that's from moving to the boot, and that the ankle has been frozen in place for a while. When my full cast came off after four weeks, my knee hurt quite a bit for the first week or so. It's much better now that it's been moving more.
take care,

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 Mon 8:37pm 29 November 2010
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