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Flanagan : Fell duing a Figure Skating Jump.
Diary entry posted Thu 7:04pm 31 March 2005

I'm a 46yr old woman, and I'm very physically active. I enjoy Training at the Gym, Kickboxing,and Figure Skating.
On March 3rd, 2005, I was at the Rink,attempting to do a recently learned Waltz Jump. I never got off the ice from the toepick. Instead, with my toe pick pointed down into the ice, my body pitched forward, and my foot just continued bending in a ballet point,until I heard a crack.
My skates weren't laced tight enough, allowing movement in my ankle. Another fact to consider>I was wearing dance boots, which are cut lower on the ankle than Figure skating boots, and they have elastic on the back of the ankle for flex and point movement. When I'd started Figure Skating one and a half years ago, I never imagined that I'd ever be jumping, which is why I picked the comfortable "Dance Boots."
I was taken by ambulance to the E.R. The best part about being in the E.R. was getting pain killers, and looking at all of the hansome young Interns, who seemed to be EVERYWHERE! lol
I found out that I'd broken my left Fibula, the ankle was dislocated,with torn misplaced ligament.
I was amazed when the Orthopedic Dr.in the ER popped the dislocation back into place with one quick move.
I had a two hour surgery the following day,which involved getting a metal plate and 6 screws installed.
The pain was very bad both before and after the operation, but the Morphine shots certainly took the edge off of it! Lol. My Hospital stay was 2 nights.
I absolutely refused to use the bed pan that the Nurse had provided, not when I'm perfectly capable of hopping on my right foot to the bathroom in my hospital room! She wasn't happy about my mode of getting there, but... too bad!
One of the Nurses upon hearing how I had broken my ankle, said to me in a chiding voice, "Don't you realise that women of OUR age have "limitations?" ( I thought of that phrase'Don't let the turkeys bring you down!') I answered, "I don't like to think of myself as having ANY limitations!"
The first 2 weeks home were challenging. I went home wearing a sort of cast,and my brand new crutches! My Husband and 3 boys were a big help, however,I was in alot of pain. The laundry was piled up,and the whole house was a mess. For the first time in my life, I didn't even care. Pass the Vicodan, please.
I was not used to watching lots of TV, but that's what I did during the first 2 weeks. I still had to drive my kids to their activities.I didn't mind, I enjoyed getting out of the house!

After the first week, the Dr. took off the cast,and I was sporting an ace bandage with an air cast.
At my second week appointment, the metal stitches were removed. There was a big reduction in my pain. I'd gotten pretty good at getting around on crutches, especially after I changed the height setting. The Nurse at the hospital had adjusted the crutches for a 5'9"tall person. I am only 5'4". lol
My 4 week Dr. appointment is tomorrow. Although I still have alot of swelling when I walk around too much, this has been the best week yet. There is very little pain, and although I haven't beared weight on the foot yet, I am getting more range of motion every day, because I am moving the foot.I still cannot lower my heel to the floor yet, but all in due time.

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 Thu 7:04pm 31 March 2005
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