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Flanagan : 17 weeks later
Diary entry posted Fri 11:08am 8 July 2005

Four months have passed since I broke my fibula, and had a plate and 6 screws.
Although the loose screw does give me some trouble, I decided not to have it taken out before my scheduled surgery on Sept 12. I know that time will fly, and surgery day will be here before I know it.
As long as I wear heels, I don't have too many problems. I have no limp, I'm walking normally. When I take them off, I have trouble walking down stairs. I have to sometimes hop down each stair to get the movement over quickly. If I wear flat shoes, my foot still doesn't track properly if I am walking, and I hold back a limp. I know that it's all due to the hardware.. If I go barefoot for too long, I end up with a limp that gets worse and worse, and the inside of my ankle feels inflamed and swells up directly over the hardware plate.

I am back to work full time. My job involves physical labor, and it's like an aerobic workout that's hours long. I am very happy to feel good enough to be working again, and making money.
I've been kickboxing. It's been great for regaining my strength and balance. I am still wearing a lace up ankle support, and it is a Godsend. Finally my calf muscle is fully engaging, and getting sore after exercise!
Today I tried a Tour de Jete jump for the first time since I fell. This is similar to the skating jump that I broke my fibula on. It's great to feel stable and strong doing this! I did a small one first, to check balance and position, and everything was fine. I did a few more, each one a bit higher and better. I felt like my old self again, even though I was doing the jumps wearing heels, and in a parking lot. Who cares if anyone was watching. I would not have been able to physically do this a few weeks ago.
I am just about ready to start skating again. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be ready again. Even though the hardware is restricting my kneebend that I really need to be able to skate, I'd like to start skating again before I get the hardware out. I'll make the best out of what I can do. I want the feeling of being on the ice again.

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 Fri 11:08am 8 July 2005
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