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Flanagan : Finally skated!
Diary entry posted Mon 10:43pm 1 August 2005

Yesterday I skated briefly for the first time since I'd fallen on that Waltz Jump on March 3rd. I got on the ice wearing a pair of skates I'm buying from the Skating Shop at the rink. I needed to see how the blade settings were. The only way to know if they are OK is to skate in them. (Finally I'd recovered my sense of balance since my break. The total recovery time to regain it entirely, was 4+1/2 months. I was not physically ready to skate again until now) Before I stepped onto the ice I was nervous.
The last time I skated, I was being helped OFF the ice. I still remember the sound of my fibula breaking, and the immediate pain that I felt. Yesterday as I stepped onto the ice I said to myself,"You already HAD your big injury, AND you've recovered. Now get on out there, you're not going to break it again!"

For the past 5 months I've wondered if my ankle (with the hardware still in) would be able to actually lean into an inside or outside edge the same way that it used to do when I was skating. My big fear was that I wouldn't be able to skate again. I feared that I would never regain my balance 100%. Well, I'm happy to say that this has not been a problem for me. With skates on the other day, I felt like I never broke it. However, I could feel the hardware pressing against the tightly laced skate. When I took the skate off, I was surprised to see that my leg wasn't even swelled up where the hardware is. All things considered, it wasn't that bad. After the hardware is out, I won't ever have that problem.
It is STILL my stronger leg when I am skating. After I'd broken it, I figured that the right leg would become the stronger more dominant one. Not so, the left one is just as strong as it ever was.

Only 6 weeks to go until my Hardware removal.
This has been one long recovery, even though my DR says I've made a fast one. I've learned to be very patient in regaining everything from walking with a painful limp and being off balance, to finally being able to skate again. The entire process has taken 5 months, and I still have the hardware to be taken out. I am not 100% pain free YET. I still have difficulty walking barefoot or in flat shoes, due to the hardware restricting the movement. I don't have a problem wearing heels, so heels it IS!!!
After the operation, when I'm stitched up and re-mended, I probably won't be writing here anymore. It will be time to move on. I've come full circle. I'm back to where I was.
I would hope that someone with a similar injury may read through this diary and find some inspiration. Because yes, It IS possible to feel good as new again. Don't assume that you will be impaired and in pain for the rest of your life due to one bad break. It is probable that you WILL be able to do the sports that you once enjoyed doing. Keep a positive mental attitude and don't let anybody bring you down. Be your own cheerleader, and cheer yourself on. Life is too short to let anything hold you back from doing what you want to do.
Just like my late Mother used to say, 'When there's a will, there's a way.'

"Step by step. I can't think of any other way of accomplishing anything."
-- Michael Jordan

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 Mon 10:43pm 1 August 2005
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