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Flanagan : On September 12th>Good bye Hardware!!! (hello SCAR TISSUE???)
Diary entry posted Fri 10:01am 9 September 2005

The big day has almost arrived. I'm getting the hardware removed on Monday.I'll be going home on Tuesday.
It will be wonderful to walk around barefoot again,without having pain with each step that I take. But yet I wonder.... I was reading the posting I'd written 12 weeks after the operation. I think that I was doing better THEN than I am NOW. I wonder if scar tissue has something to do with my pain when walking barefoot,and going down stairs? Maybe my pain isn't all stemming from the hardware? Certainly I had less scar tissue at the 12 week mark than I do now!
Last night (after a long day of being on my feet) I could barely walk. My foot felt like one big cramp. I had the idea to massage around the incision areas, as well as my entire foot. Usually I am leery about doing any pressing on the area where the hardware is. The reason may sound dumb>I can feel the screw heads and the plate thru my skin, and it's an icky feeling.Plus, I've got one loose screw, and I am afraid that I may massage it looser. Probably that's not likely. As of lately, I cannot have pressue against the hardware area. It's very sensitive.
Last night I figured, what the heck. Even if I DID massage the screw looser, I'm getting the hardware out in a few days anyway!
Massage and manipulation helped alot, I could feel the pain lifting,and my foot loosened up. When I tried walking on it I was surprised. What a difference! Much less pain. To think that just a half hour before that, I asked my son to find the crutches that I haven't used in months, and bring them to me.
The question that I'll eventually know the answer to, is "what percentage of my pain is due to thickening scar tissue formation and NOT from the hardware?

It is a mistake to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time."
-- Sir Winston Churchill

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 Fri 10:01am 9 September 2005
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