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Flanagan : 6th week Dr. visit
Diary entry posted Fri 11:15pm 15 April 2005

Finally I'm able to wear a set of sneakers because the swelling in my foot has gone down almost completely. For the first time in 6 weeks,I'm able to actually see the bone structure of my foot. My ankle still gets quite swollen though.
When my Dr. came into the room at my appointment today, I hopped off of the examining table and said, "Look! Now I can stand with all of my weight on this foot! Last time you saw me, I couldn't even get my heel down to the floor."
He was very pleased. He told me to try to make the motion of walking with my left leg when I'm on crutches,instead of holding the foot up. He'd like me to bear more and more weight onto the foot while "walking." I demonstrated that I'd already been doing this since yesterday after I taught myself to gradually shift my weight onto my left foot, and pick up my right leg and balance.
As a matter of fact, I practiced "walking" with the crutches over and over yesterday, because I wanted to achieve a smooth gait that didn't feel awkward.
When I showed my 10 year old that I could sort of walk on crutches, and that I wouldn't have to "hop " anymore,his face fell as he said, "But NOW you look like you are faking it. Mom,you look like a person who's pretending that they can't walk, so that they can pretend they need crutches." I said,"Let them think what they want. Before ya know it, I will be walking again!
As I was leaving my Dr. appointment, my Dr. said, "Your goal should be to wean yourself off of these crutches by the end of this weekend."
I doubt that I will be off of the crutches by Sunday. My Achilles tendon is still so tight.I am not able to put much weight on the foot while I'm walking with the crutches, I'm simply "simulating that I'm walking" (my son says that I look like I'm floating when I walk.)Each step is very painful, and it takes alot more energy than it did when I hopped.
I'm happy with the progress that I've made this week.

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 Fri 11:15pm 15 April 2005
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