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Flanagan : Hardware is out! ( plate and 6 screws from Fibula)
Diary entry posted Tue 7:35pm 13 September 2005

My operation was yesterday. I stayed overnight, and came home today.
Everything went well,except I became very sick from the General Anesthesia after I woke up in the recovery room. My OS said that I needed quite alot to knock me out. I have never been sick from it before.
My leg is wrapped in thick layers of ace bandaging.I'm trying to keep it elevated as much as possible.(As I'm typing this, I have my leg over my keyboard,with my foot propped up on the top left side of my monitor. I'm very limber)
I haven't unwrapped the bandaging to see my incision or to see how much sweeling there is. There's no bleeding or fluids showing through the bandaging, I guess that's a good sign!
Due to the nausea I've had, I didn't want to take any painkillers. The pain is not too bad. Believe ME, it's NOTHING like the pain that I had after I broke it, and came home with hardware in.
My ankle feels stiff, and the incision feels like a long papercut. I get some sharp pains which come and go for no apparent reason. I can wiggle my toes,but if I flex or point my foot I get sharp pains from where the staples are. I am trying to avoid doing doing movements like that.
I'm wearing my comfy Birkenstocks, and walking with crutches. The ace bandaging is too thick for me to wear any sort of enclosed shoe. I can partially WB but I'm not pushing it, not yet. I think that I'll be off crutches by the weekend though.
My OS said that he wants me to start PT as soon as possible. (I guess that means after the staples are taken out in 10 days.) I never considered the fact that I'd need PT after getting the hardware OUT, but since he said that I should, I will.
I'll continue to post about my progress.

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 Tue 7:35pm 13 September 2005
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