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Comment : My Thoughts 5 Days After Surgery
Posted by Flanagan (Janice) on Sat 1:13am 17 September 2005

The metal stitches are uncomfortable,as they are beginning to really "pull" the skin of the incision back together. That's a good sign of healing,I guess. When I am walking,(very slowly)it's the stitches that I feel.I don't feel a need to taken Motrin or anything. The pain is certainly less than I expected! I use the crutches once in a while to give my ankle a rest. I am pleased with this recovery so far.

My ankle is still swollen,and because the bandaging is wrapped tightly,I cannot tell to what extent my range of motion has improved. However,here are some positive changes that I couldn't help but notice.....

My ankle feels "looser" since the surgery. Sometimes when I'm walking, I feel a "click" with each step.It's almost as if the joint is giving extra movement. I don't really know WHAT it is, but it feels good.Its the same sort of "good" that I feel immediately after I crack my neck. You know, when your neck is so tight and rigid,but after a few cracks the tension is gone? This is like a little tension relief "pop" in my ankle!
(I wonder if that makes any sense at all????)
I'm still excited over the fact that when I raise up onto the ball of my foot, pressing weight down onto it, I don't feel any pain behind my ankle.(I feel only the pull of the stitches) This is a sure sign that the hardware was causing that restriction in movement, just as I'd suspected all along.
I figure now that I'm able to get up onto the ball of my foot,it will be tracking correctly when I walk. {I am walking flat now, so as not to cause the stitches to pull.(I've got to say, it's nice wearing flat shoes for a change!) After the stitches are out, I'll know whether or not my foot is moving correctly when I try to walk normally.

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 Sat 1:13am 17 September 2005
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