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Flanagan : One crutch, and then NO Crutches needed
Diary entry posted Mon 2:42pm 19 September 2005

Yesterday I took my son to a museum in Roslyn. I figured that there would be some walking involved, so I decided to bring just one crutch, and use it when I needed to. There's a long winding staircase inside of this two story museum. It's an old building. I didn't see any elevator. That staircase looked scary. Going UP> I used the crutch. Going DOWN> I held the crutch off of the ground and just walked down normally. It looked scarier than it actually was! After the first few steps going down, I realized it was easier to do, now that the hardware was out! I don't have to walk down with my feet sideways any more.
I was doing so well walking around the grounds of the museum,thatI wouldn't have needed that crutch. Then, we went through the formal gardens where the ground is so uneven. My ankle began hurting a lot. I was glad that I had the crutch. Uneven ground can be terrible to walk on!

Today (Sunday) is better than yesterday. There's less pain when I'm walking, and the stitches aren't pulling much. I'd left my crutches in the car last night, and this morning I didn't feel like going outside to get them. That's when I realized I didn't need them any more!

When I was squatting down to put air in my tires today, I feel like it was a lot easier to do without the hardware pushing in on my ankle during the squatting.. Could this be my imagination????
Tomorrow is my follow up appt, one week after surgery.

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 Mon 2:42pm 19 September 2005
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