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Comment : Dr. Appt one Week After Hardware Removal
Posted by Flanagan on Thu 7:41pm 22 September 2005

My Dr. Appt was Monday, seven days after hardware removal. He said that the incision is healing nicely. I had to admit that it does look pretty darn good, better than I expected. There's no swelling anywhere, and I was surprised at that, considering the nature of the operation, cutting thru the muscle, tissue, to remove hardware that's screwed into bone. (ewww. that sounded so gross. lol) When the hardware was still in, my leg always appeared swollen and misshapen. Now that I don't have hardware over my ankle bone, I can actually SEE that ankle bone. The new incision is in the same spot that the scar from the first operation is.
The Doctor took out half of the metal stitches during Mondays appt. I didn't feel it, probably because they were already sticking out from the skin, which made them easy to remove. At tomorrow's appointment, the rest of the stitches will be taken out. Interesting tidbit>> One of the screws had been a bit difficult to remove during the operation last week. My Dr. had to chip away a small part of the bone, to get that screw out.

I would like to say that I'm walking great, and having no problems at all, but that would be a lie. My ankle feels very very stiff, especially at the top of my ankle. I hadn't had pain there in months, but I've got it now. (it feels like the top of my ankle is encased in cement again.)
The entire left side of my ankle where the hardware was removed, is very sore, achy. I can get relief from the pain when I massage my ankle, while at the same time rotate my ankle in all directions.
Sometimes when I'm walking well, and my ankle feels nice and loose, I think to myself, "Wow! Aren't' I doing well!" Then when I least expect it, the ankle tightens up as if it's cemented together, and I start limping. If I massage my ankle right after this happens, I can make the stiffness and the limp go away!
I remember having this same problem walking again after breaking my Fib. I used to stop and massage the ankle, and then I could go another 20 feet or so, until stopping to massage again. Eventually all of that stiffness when away, and I could walk forever without stopping.
I think it will take healing time and PT to get back my strength and flexibility.
My 11 year old said to me, "Mom, you've got to give it time to heal. It's not gonna feel better right away! 'Just wait a while, and see!"

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 Thu 7:41pm 22 September 2005
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