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Flanagan : Always Expect the Unexpected
Diary entry posted Sun 5:45pm 25 September 2005

Two weeks have passed since my hardware removal.
On Friday morning, I didn't have my usual morning limp. I was up and down the stairs going to the laundry room several times, before I realized that I had little pain going down the stairs. What causes these leaps in improvement?
If there's one thing that I learned from this injury, it's to "always expect the unexpected."

I had the rest of the stitches removed at my appointment on Friday. The incision is healing beautifully, the skin has come together, forming a very thin scab for the entire length of the incision. It's starting to peel and break off in places, and underneath looks like a "seam" in a pair of pants. That's the only way that I can describe it
I can't understand why the first scar (from the operation to put the hardware in) looked so much worse than this. By comparison, that one looked like a railroad track, and it HEALED looking like one, too.
I have an apt to see the Dr. in a month and a half. He gave me a prescription for PT sessions. I'll be going 2x a week, for the next 4 weeks. He said that I can begin skating in 4 weeks. ( I guess he doesn't want me to risk another "boot-top fracture" by skating too soon) He said that I can Kickbox THIS week, providing that I don't kick any targets. I might decide to wait one more week, because I don't want to have trouble with the directional changes, and twisting, turning moves.

My present healing condition: The "cemented ankle feeling" is going away. I have stiffness in the area where the hardware had been, but it's getting better. When I rotate, flex or point my foot, I'm able to do it with less stiffness. This is a big improvement in just 4 days or so.
The outer part of my leg feels tender all the way up to the middle of my calf, even though the incision was just several inches above my ankle bone. I have some numbness at the top of my ankle and foot, which wasn't there prior to the operation. However, the numbness which I had on the top of my foot for months,( near my 2 smallest toes) has now vanished. The incision area is slightly numb, but not nearly as numb as it was when the hardware was in!
During the past few days, I've been walking well, with no limp, in flat shoes. I cannot begin to say just how happy I am about this!! My foot feels like it's tracking normally when I am walking.
I try not to make any quick change of ankle movement> such as walking forward and then stepping sideways fast, or turning around and going in an opposite direction. Any "quick change of directions" or slight twist of the ankle, means that it will start hurting immediately, and my foot will feel like it's off track again, and every step will hurt. I have a feeling that after going to several PT sessions, this too will improve.
I'll post again in several days.

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 Sun 5:45pm 25 September 2005
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