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Flanagan : 19 Days after Surgery :)
Diary entry posted Fri 8:59pm 30 September 2005

red if the hardware truly WAS the reason for the problems that I had months after I'd broken my Fibula. Now I can confidently say that yes, the hardware was the whole problem.

I'm not limping at all. For example, I used to get up in the middle of the night for a glass of milk, and I had to limp into the kitchen, aware of every aching step. My ankle felt stiff and "stuck." For months I wondered if my injury had brought on arthritis. Now I know that it was from the hardware.
My ankle used to be very stiff any time I'd get up to walk after a long time sitting down.. I don't have that problem now either! I don't even have to think about the steps that I'm taking when I am walking now.
As I'm typing this, I'm flexing both feet, and then pointing my toes. My range of motion is nearly the same on each foot now, there's not a huge difference.
There's no doubt about it, my foot is tracking fine now. This is more proof that the hardware was the culprit. That "cemented" feeling at the top of my ankle is about 95% gone 19 days after surgery.
There's another nice change to write about: When the hardware was in, it was awkward and uncomfortable for me to climb under anything, (like under my bed to get a shoe) or to squat down to pick something up, or to be on my hands and knees to wash the floor. I used to feel like I was arthritic, those movements were stiff, painful motions that I had to think about while I was attempting to do them. I had to place my left foot "just right" in order to have the flexibility. I can do any of these things now, and get right back up onto my feet afterwards in one smooth flowing motion, just as I used to do.

The scar is healing nicely, and my leg is no longer tender and achy from the ankle to half way up my calf. The area around the incision is the only area left that's tender.
I kickboxed for the first time on Tuesday night, but I didn't stay for the full hour class. My ankle felt like it had enough after the first half hour of the class. I stayed for another 15 minutes trying to tough it out, but then decided to go home to elevate and ice it.
I'm started with a new PT on Monday.

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 Fri 8:59pm 30 September 2005
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