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Comment : 4 Weeks after Hardware Removal Surgery
Posted by Flanagan on Sat 7:19pm 15 October 2005

4 Weeks after Hardware Removal

I feel GOOD!
During my day, I seldom think about the ankle anymore. I'm walking fine in flat shoes and barefoot. That would have been a painful task when I had the hardware in. Now it's the norm.

I went to Kickboxing yesterday. Woooo-hoooooo!!!!! For the first time since before my break, I was able to do an entire class feeling like my old self. There were several times while doing moves, that I had to ask myself>"which leg IS the bad leg? Is THIS the one?" I have no unusual ankle pain. It feels normal during class.I feel balanced.

The area around the scar is much less tender than it was a few weeks ago, but it's still numb to the touch. I don't see much change with that yet. Last week, I felt like a low current of electricity was running thru my ankle and foot when I pressed on the scar. I guess the nerves take a while to rejuvenate. It seems to be going away.
My PT is working with me to improve the range of motion in my kneebend. The restriction in the kneebend is most obvious to me when I'm doing squats. No one would know that I had a restriction, but I know that I do.That's when I feel a tightness at the top of my ankle, which seems to prevent me from getting as low as I used to go. I'm not off by much though. If that's my biggest problem right now, then I'm doing very well!!!! I should not even be complaining at all!
One more week of strengthening the leg, and I'll figure skate by next Monday. Many people have said to me, "You mean you're gonna get back into SKATING again?" (they look at me like I'm a lunatic. I broke the ankle figure skating)
Yes, I'm keeping with it. I want to see how good I can get. I'm only 47 years old and I'm going to keep doing all the fun physical activities until I'm too old to do them. After that, maybe I'll take up a hobby like crocheting or knitting. (or crutch sprinting , wheelchair racing.

"Earth laughs in flowers."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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 Sat 7:19pm 15 October 2005
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