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Flanagan : 7 weeks later
Diary entry posted Thu 8:41pm 3 November 2005

Finally I've made some time to post an update to this diary.
A few months ago I tried out a pair of skates by briefly skating in them.At that time I still had the hardware in, it was uncomfortable, and I didn't skate long.
Two weeks ago I had a skating lesson! This was my first time taking a lesson since the day that I broke my ankle in March 2005. (on the ice, after a lesson)
I am happy! I don't have any apparent limitations while skating. My biggest worry was wondering if my left ankle would be strong enough to skate and hold an inside or an outside edge like I used to do.{I was afraid I might be impaired.For months I worried and wondered how I would do} Edges were the true test, because if I couldn't lean into an edge, then I might as well forget about skating, since it's all about edges and holding them.
Conclusion:My leg feels as strong as it used to be.It was always more dominant than the right one,and that hasn't changed.I still have to work at not favoring it over the right one.
The scar is sensitive to pressure, as it's still healing. I could feel the skating boot pressing tightly against the scar while I was skating. I expected it to be somewhat painful. It's not a big deal though.That too, will go away as the scar heals.If that's my biggest complaint right now,I'm doing pretty darn good!
Ironically, BOTH of my ankles were sore and achy while skating. I was happy about this, because they both had the SAME level of pain.I feel that I must have healed very well.It's been about 8 months since I skated and my body has to get used to this all over again, and it will.
I'm looking forward to continue where I left off in this sport before my fall. Speaking of fall-ING,I have less fear about getting hurt now. I've gotten my "big injury" out of the way!
If I still had the hardware in, I doubt very much that I would be able to comfortably skate. No, I really don't think I'd be skating at all, since even walking was painful.Thank goodness my OS didn't make me wait more than 6 months to remove the hardware.
Days go by without me even thinking about my left ankle. Stiffness is gone. Its great racing up and down flights of stairs just like I used to do, without holding on, and on the balls of my feet. When I'm in a rush to get into the house, I'm back to leaping 2 cement stairs at a time to get to the door.
If anyone with a similar injury as mine is reading this, I just want to say one thing.It's possible even at my age of 47, to make a full recovery from an injury of this sort. It amazes me how the body can heal itself.

Minds, like parachutes, only work when open."

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 Thu 8:41pm 3 November 2005
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