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Flanagan : Monday Physical Therapy
Diary entry posted Tue 6:33pm 19 April 2005

Now that I'm walking, I don't have to do boring things at Physical Therapy, such as picking up marbles with my toes, and dropping them in a tin. Or spending endless amounts of time sitting on a table and stretching my foot with one of those stretchy bands. (yawn)
They've brought out the big guns now! Yep, I'm really moving up in the world of recovery! I used the treadmill for 10 minutes at a low speed.(I hope that
they will increase the speed each time I go) They had me using a wobble board to work on my balance and ankle movement. I was on a stationary bike for 10 minutes. Standing at a ballet barre, I did repetitions of going up onto my toes, and rocking back onto my heel.
By the end of the day, my ankle was swelled up, and due to the soreness and swelling, walking was very painful. The more pain I have, the smaller my steps are.
I am planning to go to the beach after my 12:00 Physical Therapy appt tomorrow. It's so nice to begin doing the things that I love to do. Yesterday I did some gardening. Today I wore a comfy old pair of Birkenstock sandals instead of my usual sneakers. I'm so bored with sneakers. I can't wait until I can wear heels again. Yes, things are moving along nicely.

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 Tue 6:33pm 19 April 2005
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